After packing piles of your belongings in cartons and moving to a new home, it gets exhausting. But then, you wish to share your happiness with your closest friends and beloved family members. So, you throw an extraordinary housewarming party. You invite all of your loved ones into the house for a close look at your new place. You look for artificial flowers near me online and fill all the vases for your place to look pretty. Here are 11 tips for hosting a memorable housewarming party to celebrate your new home.

1. Planning for the Event:

It’s advised to take three or four weeks to settle into your new home first. You must arrange everything properly before calling everyone over to see your place. You don’t want to feel pressured to rush through the unpacking process of cartons and boxes right? Only so you can start preparing for your get-together.

Planning for your housewarming party facilitates you in completing the preparations in a more organized way. Your party’s to-do list must include items all the basics first. You can start with making a guest list, invitations, menu, shopping for edibles, and lastly, setting up the party.

 2. Ample Seating:

You can maybe opt for throwing an intimate housewarming party with only eight to ten people. You can even invite dozens of guests. Your guests will probably just move around your home. Yet it’s important to have ample seating available for them to sit here and there.

You can add some throw pillows and cushions to the picture. It will make your sofa, chairs, and other furniture as appealing as you can for all your guests. For additional seating arrangements, put out some foldable chairs, ottomans here and there, and a few stools around the rooms.

3. Scented Candles Gives a Fresh Feel:

The fragrance in your new home contributes to how inviting the atmosphere is. So it is best to set and light some scented candles all around the living room. Light them just before your guests arrive so they don’t seem too melted. You can also place different scented candles in all the rooms to give a fresh feel every time it’s entered. Floral petals can also be placed around the candles ordered from flower delivery los angeles for extra scent and finesse.

4. Design and Send out Special Invites:

You can design special invites for all your guests. Try by maybe taking a photo of your home or asking a sketch artist to make a drawing of it. You can use the image for your housewarming party invites. This will be the first introduction to your guests in your new home. Along with the necessary info about when they’re invited and at what time. Ensure to include directions so they may have an easy journey to your humble abode.

5. Finger Foods and Drinks is The Right Choice:

Instead of inviting guests at peak lunch or dinner hour, invite them for a more hi-tea kind of a time. This way you can serve a variety of finger foods. Finger foods are sure to appeal to most of your invitees and make for an easy setup and cleanup. Mini cheese enchiladas, spring rolls, pigs in a blanket, and different vegetable wraps can be served. Even biscuits and cookies, and chicken with cucumber sandwiches are just a few ideas for the eatables menu.

For the drinks menu, you could go with a variety of soda, coffee, sparkling water, and various flavored iced tea. You can also stock your refrigerator with beer and wine. Your guests can help themselves and reach out for their preferable drinks.

6. Soothing Background Music Adds Up:

Play some soothing background music for your housewarming party. Maybe some relaxing jazz or classical, or even soft rock are all ideal choices to play. The music is going to help your invitees enjoy looking around your home.

7. Move Bigger Items to Make Open Space in Rooms:

Before inviting people over, look at the arrangement of the furniture in your rooms. In common areas like the living room, or balcony, you might think of pushing your furniture against the walls. You don’t want to ruin the design of your room, but you do want to have plenty of space. You want all your guests to spread out and move freely around the house.

8. Put Your Pets Outside:

If you have a pet dog or cat, you don’t have to put them outside during your housewarming party. But, if you have more than one dog or cat, it may be a good shout. Make sure to check with your guests who are allergic or wary of them. Tying your pets outside for the duration of the party is best. It would be the most considerate thing to do for your guests to feel more welcomed.

9. Offer a Tour:

Some guests would love for you to give them a tour of your new home. So, unless you want to give multiple tours, you can offer one about halfway through your party. This allows you to show a chunk of people the highlights of your home without leaving anyone behind.

10. Giveaways are a Great Idea:

Set up a table next to your front door. Place giveaways on it for your guests to take with them when they leave. This is a fun and appreciative way to end your housewarming party. It will leave everyone feeling good about your new home.

Here are some giveaway ideas:

  • A small bag of cookies explicitly baked in the shape of a house.
  • Small scented candles.
  • A Small bags of the finger foods you served at the party.
  • Small floral pots of African violets, bright geraniums, or succulents.

11. Pin Thoughtful Thank You Notes:

Handwritten thank-you notes for your guests attached to your housewarming party giveaways will make them feel extremely special and considered. Your handwritten thank you notes will be a surprise to your guests. It will be proof to show them how much you appreciated their presence at your new home.