Flowers are not your average gift, but an emotion of all the feelings you experience in a certain relationship. People love gifting pink carnations and red roses, but that is not all that the flower aura is about. You can spark up an interesting conversation with the people you love after gifting them their favorite set of flowers.

There is something so intimate about flowers that we don’t talk about them enough. Somehow the only relevant audience is men who want to spoil their loves with flowers. Let’s be real, it is not just the man’s job, women take notes! Men love getting spoiled in ways they don’t say out loud. Get your hands on a pretty bouquet and see that smile shine up.

Love is in the air if you breathe with an open heart. Use the most of it and gift your friends, family, and lover randomly. Various occasions keep the spark alive, so here is our best resort. You should always consider preferences and allergies beforehand to avoid any haphazard situation. They make a perfect welcome gift, best for all new journies!

Here are some of the best occasions you should never miss out on:


There is always cake but there is nothing cheesier than some balloons and flowers to show your affection. Affection is all about understanding so it doesn’t matter whose birthday it is, flowers are always a great idea. They are gender-neutral and play an affectionate role in all circumstances.

You can gift flowers to almost everyone, your parents, siblings, friends and of course lovers. Gifts are cute and cakes are amazing, but flowers are a simple show of affection that uplift the mood instantly. Birthdays are simple days that can amp up your whole relationship.


Valentines is all about lovers, but that doesn’t mean that you simply have to gift chocolates. Many people still think that it is the day created by flower companies for benefit. It could be enough controversial, but we are just spreading the love here, by indulging in good memories.

Let’s be real, chocolates, teddies, and flowers are not just it! Flowers will do enough justice if you pair them up with the right accessories, which do not have to be sweet! A freshly pack flower bouquet screams happiness and love for the person, now it can be anyone you love. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your lover, because all the people close to your heart deserve your presence!


You can spark up the blooming love yet again by being that same old romantic. Make your anniversaries memories with little to no effort and some flowers that spark up the romance. It is all about remembering one of the best days of your life. Make sure to pair up that beautiful bouquet with a nice gift.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be for your wedding anniversary, it could be your proposal or confession anniversary as well. This will keep your love alive in the memories of all the years that have passed. You can always make them extra special by pairing them up with your lover’s favorite bottle of wine. Better ideas include gifting them that watch they wanted.


If there is one time, you should NEVER forget flowers, it’s a date! Do not forget to get them something that symbolizes your love and respect. It shows that you are a real gentleman who can make you blush. Make sure you give your flowers a personal touch and make them stand out!

There is no doubt that perfect guys don’t exist, but, you can try to be one with these gestures. Don’t go overboard, and make sure to adjust your settings according to the date night. Our best tip is to be 100% available for her/him and make them understand your presence. Flowers are just a catalyst that amps up your love for that one person.


We all get into fights, there is no doubt that this is what makes a relationship strong. You can always try to be the bigger person and apologize. There is no better way than choosing your partner’s favorite bouquet and making a sound apology.

About the consolations, many unfortunate times can break a person. It could be the loss of a loved one or the breaking off of a relationship. We insist on the fact that flowers are gender-neutral, and do not depend upon circumstances. You can give them to almost everyone but make it considerate. If your close one is grieving the loss of a loved one, you have to shower them with love. This is the best way to share care without having to worry about a sad breakdown.


These are random moments, all about showering love without a reason. This is a show of affection which means that you care for them even on random days. These are the days that define your love because you are simply not waiting for a special occasion. Flowers are an ideal of perfection and beauty all trapped in one place so make their beauty shine out!

It could be a random Sunday, where you are planning a breakfast. Make your days worthwhile with extra effort where you get to see your partner cheer up! You can always do something different apart from red roses, daisies and carnations are a great option. If your partner likes being different, gift them sunflowers or violets. It is indeed an idea different than most people.

Giving flowers doesn’t have to be expensive, but it sure will be a positive gesture. You can always fresh flowers from local florists at great prices. Most florists carry bouquets of mixed wildflowers at amazing prices. They are not just long-lasting but also rather more fragrant than usually frozen flowers from big retailers. These flowers can sparkle up the mood of anyone, regardless of the occasion so make those smiles count!