Inviting friends or family over for a dinner party and serving them a three-course meal isn’t enough nor looks good if you do not pay attention to decorating the dining table. It is important to keep guests entertained while also flaunting your interior design skills to your social media friends. Almost anyone can get décor items from the blooms flower shop but what you must know is how to style your table with the usual decor items which are already available at home. It is best to keep the dining table organized and not too cluttered to make it look like the perfect place for having meals while holding important conversations. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to decorate a dining table for a dinner party at home without spending a fortune while also creating a memorable table setting.


Your dining table is a reflection of the places you have traveled to and seen around or what you have inherited over time. It is one of the best places to display your heritage and small memorable moments you have collected throughout your life. Before you set up the dining table for a dinner party at home, you must always try to add your personal touch to it to give it a unique feel.

If you have intricately embroidered table mats that you had brought with you from your visit to the northern areas or those bamboo stick table mats you got from your trip to Sri Lanka, a festive occasion like a birthday party calls for bringing these unique items to the dinner party.

The people you invite would appreciate and love every bit of detail you put in decorating the dining table. If you take pride in the wooden inlay teak coasters, display them in a wooden tray as the centerpiece of the table to leave an everlasting impression on your invited guests.


You can easily create a stunning centerpiece when styling your dinner dining table. If there’s a long piece of Styrofoam left off from your kid’s school project, you can use it to create a decorative and beautiful floral piece for the dining table. You can make some bows out of a wide-colored ribbon and glue them on the Styrofoam with some space in between.

Use colorful florals like silk flower arrangements and stick them into the Styrofoam. Place three tall glass candle holders in between them and use amazing scented candles to complete the centerpiece for your table. It requires very little effort and can easily be completed in a few hours only, leaving a great impression on your guests by making it look appealing.


The shiny light of candles always adds a bit of glow and magic to the overall setup anywhere they are kept. Nothing beats the dining room decor more than the glow of lit candles and the fragrance of scented candles. You’ve to carefully choose the kind of candles for your dining table décor. If you have kids coming in for dinner, too, you can use battery-operated LED candles which are safer to use and cause no harm. 

If it is a formal dinner just for the adults, you can opt for lavender-scented candles for a pleasant fragrance and a well-lit dining setup. If you are arranging a wedding anniversary dinner and you have set the table for just two people, then go for rose-scented pink candles and place them in the center of the table for a soft glow of the candles which can illuminate the space around you, making it far more magical.

But if you are setting up the dining table and have invited your family, then you can choose a string of LED lights stuck on the sides of the table, or you can use more colorful and scented candles and place them in the center of the table.


If you are short on time to throw a party for your friends or family, then you can plan a wide variety of food buffet dinners for the invitees. Instead of filling up the main dining table with different goblets, bowls, glasses, and silverware, you can use a separate table or a sideboard to keep all the accessories on it in one area. Keep only the main dishes and plates which are going to be used on the dining table.

This way, the invitees can take juice or water when needed from the juice corner that you’ve set up and enjoy their food at the dining table. In order to arrange some of the commonly used items usually visible on the table, place them in a polished round wooden tray. You can set the salt and pepper shakers, tea coasters, or the pickle or sauce jar and cutlery in a small jar on the table in the middle where you have dinner.

If anyone wants an extra set of cutlery, they can get it from the setup corner. Mealtimes on special occasions are priceless moments of sharing and caring with your special and loved ones. Make it more special with these tips and tricks to decorate the table.


A dining table is not complete without the presence of some subtle decorative lights. Use small candles kind of lights on the dining table to not only illuminate the space but also highlight all the many dishes placed on the table for your evening dinner party. Play smartly with lights. If you have a beautifully curated painting that can be the perfect backdrop for the dining table, then placing a spotlight on it can give a different but more artistic touch to the entire décor you’ve done.  Use tea light holders and place them on the dining table through which light can be reflected through the colored glass. This will accentuate the overall décor of your dining table area.

Place a string of fairy lights or rice lights if you want to add to the festivity. Placing them on the four corners of the table can undoubtedly add to the glamour.